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You can record and share in groups instantly.

It's easy-to-use, so you can get recording in a flash! Capture music that you are listening to in your daily life, and share it with friends.
You can save the sound of your favorite place or moment (just like you would do with a camera), form groups dedicated to a particular sound, and share.

Record to stories anonymously.

When you use Ball's stories, you will find recording after recording that are all unique; without an limits.

Hit the heart mark repeatedly

If there is a message you’re fond of, you can “like” it by hitting the heart mark repeatedly.

You won't use up your iPhone data either!

The live recordings take up a lot of space, but they are all stored on our own cloud storage, so your iPhone and iCloud are free from any extra memory burdens. This easily allows you to use Ball's sound data on a different phone if you change models. Ball removes the hassle of recording sounds and music taking up your free space, so you can record as much as you like.

Alexa, play voice messages from Ball.

With Ball for Alexa you can ask Alexa to shuffle voice messages from Ball or play messages from your group.
It's super easy and fun. Whenever you're curios what everyone's talking about, just ask Alexa and start listening right away.


Social Sound Bites.


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